The Navaratri Festival

Celebrating Nine Nights Of The Goddess

October 16, 2020

Online Virtual Workshop


“Where women are respected, there gods dwell. Where they are disregarded, there all deeds go in vain”

– Manusmrti lll.55


This virtual workshop will focus on the traditional Hindu festival of Navaratri, which is celebrated in honor of the feminine Divine, Devi.

Our sessions together will include a combination of lecture, story-telling, and a selection of mantra-sadhanas from the Chandi Path. In addition to this introductory workshop you will be offered the opportunity to prepare for individual sadhanas starting the following day or week.

If you wish to participate in guided Mantra sadhana while the actual festival is going on, you will find three additional sessions which you can participate in if you like. There will also be a series of asana and pranayama classes made available which will be tailored specifically to women.

Each of these units can be attended separately, or combined according to interest and need.

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