The Indian Doctrine of Karma & Yogic training

July 31- Aug 1st, 2021
Taught Live Online

TIMES: 8am-10.30am

Lectures & Mantra Sadhana: 5:00-7:30pm PST, 8:00-10:30pm EST, 1:00-3:30am London Time, 2:00-4:30am CET

PRICE: $130.00


According to the Indian doctrine of karma, reaction-free action is a rare yet precious gem. Yoga Master B.K.S Iyengar writes that such refined action is “only possible when the ego that rides on the merry go round ceases to impersonate the Soul. The soul is always outside the game of life, a Seer,and not a player”.

During this third workshop of the series, we will explore the sutras which stress the cultivation of this “reaction free action”, and thus initiate the process of freeing ourselves from the grip of negative patterns in our lives.

* Recordings are available for 14 days after the workshop

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