An Immersion Into The Depths Of The Vibhuti Pada

The Psychology of Psychic Abilities Attained Through Stillness

Sep 7, 2023 - Feb 15, 2024
Live Online Workshop

If exploring the rarest abilities of yogic attainment sounds interesting then this year’s curriculum is for you. Vidya Institute has never before offered an advanced philosophy immersion program which dives into all 56 sutras of the sage Patanjali’s 3rd book: 

The Vibhuti Pada 

The Psychology of Psychic Abilities Attained Through Stillness


Have you heard the stories of the enlightened sages in the himalayas? 

The monk who feels no pain or hunger. The swami who transverses the meditative depths so far that they discover how to enter the minds of others. 

What is the one common thing these exalted souls possess?

It’s an attained esoteric knowledge infused with the divine. A hidden map they’ve all journeyed on. 

Their seemingly impossible achievements were all discovered within the realm which The Vibhuti Pada explores; The Prajna Loka (The Sanskrit Term For The Realm Of Divine Wisdom)

You cannot access this realm without mastering the inner limbs of Patanjali’s 8-Fold Path.

Antara Anga Sadhana – The 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensions of practice. 

These ‘limbs’ on the path to human wholeness represent:

 The Trinity of Samyama

The Door to Meditative Deepening

  • Dharana (Concentration)
  • Dhyana  (Meditation) 
  • Samadhi (Meditative Absorption)


Your body and senses develop in an extraordinary way when we work with meditation in the way Patanjali’s Vibhuti Pada describes. Book 3 paints a vivid picture of the development and expansion of the human mind and consciousness when taken to its greatest heights.


The Psychic Powers These Yogic Masters Possess Are Not The Goal, However

They develop inevitably as you rebalance your samskaras

You heighten certain positive samskaras and attenuate others less helpful on your journey. 

This is how you develop yourself beyond just the mind. You work on the deepest energies of your soul, you guide your human development at the deepest layers of your spirit.


“When Sri Krishan Mantriji first taught me the Vibhuti Pada I thought, ‘what’s the point? Learning about some yogi who could read minds or predict the future isn’t really relevant to my life.’ He told me the powers weren’t why we opened up the consciousness this deeply. It was just a necessary part of the journey to work on our deepest patterns of karma. The ultimate efficient solution to mold the samskaras and kleshas.”

– Gitte Bechsgaard Ph.D.


These abilities are just a greatly honored badge of one’s extreme progress in meditative deepening. 

Do not mistake this rare esoteric knowledge, these gifts, as the end goal of yoga. 

This is the point where the greatest wall to enlightenment lies. It’s not hard to get attached to that which is otherworldly, not realizing or caring that it is, in fact, just an incidental point on your journey to a much more worthwhile attainment. 

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just reading these ancient texts. 

There’s a Sanskrit term for a ‘spiritual encryption’ called Guhyam (meaning hidden and esoteric), which obscures the true meaning of many passages.

To uncover the hidden simplicity of these often confusing sutras, qualified guidance is required. 

The intent was that these texts be primarily studied under the individual guidance of gurus and initiated mentors. Only within the matrix of that relationship can you gain clarity on the opaque texts. 

This is precisely why we will explore these scriptures through the teachings of Sri Krishan Mantriji and BKS Iyengar. 

In accordance with Vysasa’s Bhasyam, this will help us to decipher the intentionally camouflaged teachings of the Vibhuti Pada and make them relevant to your modern life.

During the 3 semesters of this nearly 2 years-long curriculum, we’ll discover the hidden meanings, deep philosophies, and contemporary practical implementation of these scriptures. 

During our regular sessions together you will:


  • Learn The Fundamentals of Samskara Theory: The Soul Psychology of The Human Spirit
  • An Introduction To Each of TheSiddhis: The Extraordinary Attainments Of The Great Yogic Masters
  • Explore The Vibhuti Pada’s Integral Link To Pranayama – The Secret Stillness Of The Sages
  • Take Practical Steps To Develop A Clear Intuition Through Your Daily Sadhana
  • Understand The Many Meditative Focus-Points & Esoteric Accomplishments of The Vibhuti Pada
  • How To Uncover True Stillness In Asana: The Yogic Path To Radical Transformation
  • An Advanced Exploration Of Kumbhaka Retention: Unlock Your Inner Door To The Spiritual Realm
  • Examining The Exalted Masters: Understanding How & Why These Practices Work
  • Understanding BKS Iyengar’s Method Of Integration: Find Unity Between The Vibhuti Pada And Your Iyengar Yoga Sadhana
  • Vysasa’s Bhasyam: The Most Ancient Key To Open The Doors To Esoteric Comprehension
  • Scripture Through The Lens of Mantriji’s Teachings: Making The Vhibuti Pada Relevant To Your Dharma
  • How To Work With Contradictory Samskaras: Find Your Direction In The Paradoxical Chaos
  • Discover How You Apply The Vibhuti Pada’s Map Of Meditation To Your Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, & Meditation Sadhana
  • An Examination of Specific Meditative Practices & The Siddhi Each Cultivates As Well As A Practice-Focused Perspective On The Siddhis Most Relevant To The Yoga Practitioner
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