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Enrich Your Life

With The Sacred Sight Of The Sages

Once you understand the surprising influence the energies of the skies have on your day-to-day journey, you uncover new tools to better navigate life’s opportunities, obstacles, and spiritual lessons.

An esoteric practice revered for millenia, Jyotish surprises many with its clarity & precision. This ancient sister discipline, contemporarily called Vedic Astrology, is used to interpret the current moment in time and reveal life lessons of one’s soul through its analysis. Its unique spiritual lens unlocks a wealth of wisdom, particularly to those on the path of practice.

If you seek a deeper understanding of the ancient wisdom teachings of astrology and Yogic philosophy, then the Vedic Astrology & The Dharma Of The Soul program will be an invaluable resource for your journey.

“The Eyes Of The Vedas”

Provide Sacred Tools To Live Your Life More Reflectively

“Yoga & Jyotish”
are sister disciplines

They Invigorate Your Life To Drive Fulfillment Of Your Highest Potential 

Yoga entails a unique system of spiritual practice, yet the tradition of Jyotish opens a portal which helps tailor sādhanā to your individual needs in synergy with the current astrological energies. Jyotish reveals right timing for certain spiritual practices and helps you balance them alongside the other goals of your life.

The Purusharthas

“The Vedas’ 4 Goals”
To Balance In Life


Duty & Spiritual Purpose


& Security


Love, Desire,
& Relationships



Jyotish gifts you an enhanced approach to sādhanā (spiritual practice). In viewing your daily actions through its lens, you discover sanctity in what was once mundane.

The wisdom gained in understanding the astrological climate above adds a new level of awareness to the dynamics that play out in your life.

“The practice which can anchor us inwardly even when facing the pull of the planets.”

Sri Krishan Mantri

On The Definition of ‘Mature Sādhanā’

During my years with Sri Krishan Mantriji, he repeatedly emphasized & demonstrated how Jyotish & Yogic Spirituality are fundamentally intertwined. 

In the initial years as his student I absolutely refused to study Jyotish. I only wanted to learn yogic spirituality, philosophy, and Sanskrit. He wisely tolerated my refusal for some years, but years later he felt it was time. Mantriji pushed by telling me I wasn’t allowed to teach certain sādhanās and the deeper vedic teachings unless I agreed to study Jyotish as well. I now understand why he was so adamant that I learn Jyotish, but it certainly took me a while to come to the same realization. 

Mantriji Understood The Path Of Yoga Was Incomplete Without Jyotish

It’s an incredible feeling as you first realize how many of the events of life are being influenced by the planets (grahas) and their often powerful energies. The teachings of the vedas allow you to rise above the push and pull of the graha’s tidal energies – to objectively view their influence so you act skillfully and cultivate virtues, instead of being carried by their tides.

A deeper understanding of the astrological climate in the sky (gochara) and the unique attributes of your individual birth-horoscope (jataka) equips you with a new set of tools for life. You stay reflective and heart-centered through all the phases of your soul’s journey – the good times, the bad times, and everything in between. I’m eternally grateful Sri Krishan Mantriji coerced my initiation into the wisdom teachings of Jyotish. 

In hindsight, my life without it seems unimaginable. I look forward to hearing how these teachings transform your life as well.

With Gratitude,

Gitte Bechsgaard

Vedic Astrology & The Dharma Of The Soul Members Receive Comprehensive Guidance

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They will also be immediately added to your Student Area on the Vidya Institute website (if you aren’t already a member, you will be directed to create an account during the enrollment process). Inside the Vidya Institute Student Area, you will be able to listen to the lectures or download the audio & video files onto your phone or computer so you can continue learning without an internet connection.

Exclusive Member's Rate

For Consultations

You may be aware that Gitte Bechsgaard offers personal Jyotish consultations in which she examines your birth horoscope (jataka) in greater detail, to help tailor these wisdom teachings to your soul’s journey, your practice, and the current astrological climate.

If you’re interested in booking individual Jyotish sessions with Gitte, as a member of this program you will receive 50% off of the Standard Consultation Fee. 

If spaces are not available please be patient as there’s often long stretches of time when Gitte cannot take on any appointments and the limited spots frequently end up fully booked quickly.

When the subscription tuition increases as we expand this subscription program in the future, your monthly tuition will remain the same as when you initially enrolled – you will not be asked to pay the new tuition fee.

Those who cancel will not be able to resume their old tuition cost and will have the same tuition as new subscribers; however, they will still be able to access any past lectures received before cancellation inside the Vidya Institute Student Area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership content, lectures, and associated materials are immediately added to your Student Area on the Vidya Institute website as soon as they are released (if you aren’t already a member, you will be directed to create an account during the enrollment process). Inside the Vidya Institute Student Area, you will be able to listen to the lectures or download the audio & video files onto your phone or computer so you can continue learning without an internet connection. You will also receive an email from us letting you know about a new updates release and where you can access your content directly without logging into the Vidya Institute website.

At present, we do not have any in-person events, classes, nor teachings as a part of Vedic Astrology & The Dharma of The Soul. In the future we may hold certain events which are only available to members of Vedic Astrology & The Dharma of The Soul

Yes, even beginners interested in vedic astrology can benefit from the program. Over time we will have more entry level materials available so new learners can develop the baseline knowledge which will help them make the most of their membership.

Even advanced practitioners will benefit from the membership, particularly from Gitte’s recommendations for specific upayas and advice on associated sadhanas and remediative practices.

Jyotish lectures, updates, & forecasts, as well as Dharma Talks are sent to subscribers via email and added to their student area on the Vidya institute website with varying frequency. During periods of time with many placements or changes of astrological significance (like this fall of 2023’s unique eclipse season) you will see as many as 10 updates a month whereas other slower or more stable astrological periods you will observe only a few lectures. Most often members find themselves receiving about 5-6 updates, lectures, and/or dharma talks each month.

While Gitte does not place a specific regular focus on Sade Sati, these teachings and updates will be very useful to the person looking to prepare themselves thoroughly for the struggles which Sade Sati can often bring.
Gitte’s sessions are often booked up very quickly. Members of Vedic Astrology & The Dharma of The Soul receive an exclusive 50% discount, but the session spots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please be patient and look out closely for emails announcing times, and we are sure you’ll eventually be able to reserve your space.

We do not yet have a planned date to reopen the subscription for enrollment after the November closing date. The previous time between membership intakes was over a year and a half long, so if you’re interested in accessing the program soon please make sure to enroll before November 10th.

While you will most certainly learn about Jyotish as a subscriber, this membership does not serve as an introductory course at present. It acts more like a forecast, with preparatory teachings and advice on what you can do in your life as well as vedic practices to take advantage of the energies to make the most of them for your life.

Unfortunately, your membership price is only
reserved for life if you remain a subscriber without cancellation. This means that even as we expand the membership, its enrollment fee, subscriber perks, and comprehensiveness of associated teachings you will reserve your original membership fee. We understand this can be frustrating if you decide to re-enroll in the future after unfortunately needing to cancel, however it is only fair to those who have stayed with us over all these years.

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