The Yoga Sadhana Of The Sanskrit Tradition

May 12-20, 2024
La Quercia Calante, Orvieto, Italy
An Embodied Integration of Mantra, Sanskrit, & Iyengar Yoga Practice Scripture Teachings & Guided Mantra Sadhana With Gitte Bechsgaard Ph.D. Guided Iyengar Yoga & Pranayama Sadhana With Sheila Haswell CIYT

Retreat Experience


Join together with a community of fellow Iyengar Yoga teachers & students alike for this week-long transformative journey in the heart of the Italian countryside, where a harmonious blend of yoga practice, mantra and Sanskrit will intertwine with the timeless beauty of this picturesque region, adorned with olive groves and rolling golden hills. 


Immerse yourself in daily sadhana as you live, study, and practice at the La Quercia Calante Holiday Retreat Center, housed in an elegant 14th century Umbrian farmhouse, ecologically transformed with modern architecture, a sustainable groundwater supply, and fully powered by solar energy. 


Elevate your practice in integration with the sacred syllables of Sanskrit as you’re surrounded by the rolling landscape witnessed out of the panoramic windows of the center’s expansive practice space or on the retreat center’s outdoor yoga deck. 


Spend the free afternoons & evenings wandering the cobblestone streets, worn smooth by the passage of countless souls, the air infused with the intoxicating scent of simmering sauces, fresh herbs, and the finest truffles found anywhere in the world. 


Orvieto is an enchanting town and the surrounding Umbrian countryside is straight out of a renaissance masterpiece. 


It’s a place where time seemingly stands still. 


Where breathtaking landscapes and culinary delights converge.


Seize this time to forge deep connections that extend beyond the retreat experience. Dine on the freshly prepared organic produce together in the garden, relax in the retreat center’s pool, or journey the surrounding countryside and the historic streets of Orvieto. 


It’s easy to be captivated by the charm that permeates every corner of this ancient landscape. 


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