The Iyengar Method & Meditative Discipline

Workshop #3 of The Iyengar Method & Patanjali’s Soul-Psychology

April 6-7th, 2024
Live Online Workshop
Lecture and sutra recitation with Gitte Bechsgaard:7:00am-9:00am PDT, 10:00am-12:00pm EDT, 3:00pm-5:00pm BST, 4:00pm-6:00pm CEST Iyengar Yoga practice with Gloria (Saturday) and Sheila (Sunday):9:30am-11:00am PDT, 12:30pm-2:00pm EDT, 5:30pm-7:00pm BST, 6:30pm-8:00pm CEST

“…body is the bow, asana the arrow, and soul is the target.”

                                                            -BKS Iyengar

From your first day of Iyengar Yoga training you were unknowingly being led through a process of concentration training and precision awareness. 

What BKS Iyengar was introducing to you belongs to the ancient map of energy anatomy. 

The way in which the Iyengar methodology brings you closer to your divine purpose is through the systematic training of your attention — called Dharana. Since the body is the easiest thing for you to concentrate on, BKS Iyengar focused his teachings on the practice of using the body to discipline your mind. When your body and mind are worked with, in this integrated way, the training of attention can then reach towards the soul. 

Sheila Haswell/Gloria Goldberg will then help you apply the teachings of Dharana and the one-pointed-mind to your Iyengar yoga sadhana. During this portion of the workshop, you’ll integrate the philosophies of the 5 states of concentration with your current approaches to practice. 

This Workshop Will Include: 

  • Sutra Recitation 
  • Traditional Sanskrit Chants
  • Lectures & Philosophical Teachings
  • Guided Iyengar Yoga Practice

During This Workshop You Will Explore:

  • The Fundamentals of Dharana: An Ancient Vedic Method For Concentration Mastery
  • How You Can Systematically Cultivate “The 1 Pointed Mind” To Make Meditation Easier 
  • Understanding The Esoteric Secrets Behind ‘Points And Technicalities’ In Iyengar Yoga 
  • Introduction to Meditative Discipline: The 3-Fold Path To Your Inner Self


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