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For thousands of years, Jyotish (Vedic astrology) has been referred to as “the eyes of the Vedas”.

Its analysis of the ‘time’ we live in, alongside Vedic philosophical principles, helps reveal to us the lessons which our souls are meant to undertake in this lifetime. When Jyotish is harmonized with “The Path of Practice” we can benefit from a true wealth of wisdom teachings and holistic sadhana.

This program is meant as a guide and source of inspiration for those interested in the Wisdom Teachings of Jyotish and Yogic philosophy. Together, these sister disciplines offer sacred tools to help you live a more reflective life, infused with Vedic wisdom and spirituality. When we understand their combined power and surprising influence, we become equipped with the knowledge and tools to better navigate life’s opportunities, obstacles, and spiritual lessons.

In my years spent with Sri Krishan Mantriji, he taught me repeatedly how Jyotish and Yogic spirituality are fundamentally intertwined – one on its own, without the context of the other, is compromised.

 In fact, during my first years as his student I absolutely refused to study Jyotish. I only wanted to learn yogic spirituality, philosophy, and Sanskrit.

He wisely allowed it for some years.

But then years later, when he felt it was time for me to pass on the teachings, he told me I was not allowed to teach certain sadhanas and the deeper teachings until I agreed to study Jyotish as well.

One was incomplete without the other.

 I now understand why he was so adamant I learn Jyotish, but it certainly took me a while to come to the same realization. Despite their differences, yoga and Jyotish are Sister Disciplines – they both help us to fulfill our highest potential as human beings, and bring mindfulness to our daily lives in different ways.

Though, on its own, Yoga entails a unique system of spiritual practice, the tradition of Jyotish opens a portal that helps you tailor your sadhana to your individual needs – and according to the astrological energies. Jyotish helps you discover the right timing for certain spiritual practices, and helps you balance those practices with the rest of your life’s goals.

According to the Vedas this involves a delicate balancing act between the fulfillment of four goals in life (purusharthas):

  • Dharma (duty and spiritual purpose)
  • Artha (livelihood and security)
  • Kama (desire, love and relationships)
  • Moksha (spiritual liberation)

When you view your daily actions through the lens of Jyotish you discover sanctity in what was once mundane. Its wisdom helps you become more aware, discriminative, and spiritually fulfilled. It blesses many aspects of your life with newfound spiritual development, healing karmic patterns, and provides an enhanced approach to sadhana (spiritual practice).

Understanding the astrological climate above us adds another level of awareness to the dynamics that are playing out in our lives. When viewed through the lens of Jyotish, you often realize how many of the events of life are being influenced by the planets (grahas) and their often powerful energies. The teachings allow you to rise above the push and pull of the graha’s tidal energies – to objectively view their influences on your life, so you act skillfully, and cultivate virtues, rather than get unknowingly carried by their tides.

In fact, Sri Krishan Mantriji defined mature sadhana as:

“The practice which can anchor us inwardly even when facing the pull of the planets.”

In essence, a deeper understanding of the astrological climate in the sky (gochara) and the unique attributes of your individual birth-horoscope (jataka) equips you with a new set of tools for life. It helps you stay reflective and heart-centered throughout all the phases of your soul’s journey – the good times, the bad times, and everything in between. 

Needless to say, I’m eternally grateful that Sri Krishan Mantriji coerced me into learning Jyotish. I can’t imagine my life without it.

I’m very much looking forward to hearing about how Jyotish transforms your life, as well.


Best wishes,

Gitte Bechsgaard






What You Can Expect From This Program


As a subscriber to Vedic Astrology And The Dharma Of The Soul you will receive:

          Frequent updates on the current astrological climate in the sky (and analysis of how the astrological climate will exhibit it’s energy in the world around us)

          Regular Dharma Talks: teachings on Yoga Philosophy, Eastern Psychology, and spirituality  (along with practical advice on how you can apply these Vedic wisdom teachings to your life)  

          Guidance on relevant Sadhana (spiritual practice) and philosophical teachings (to help you navigate different astrological periods in the best way you can)

          Lectures on the specific archetypal energies of different planets (grahas), signs (constellations), and nakshatras (star-constellations) – plus, examinations of how different combinations of the three can dramatically change “typical astrological periods”

          Teachings to help you understand the energies of the sky (and how they might manifest in your daily life)

          Examinations of ‘feared combinations’ and How To Make The Best of Difficult Times (This includes specific guidance on how to utilize their chaotic energies for positive change and how to prevent their negative actions from manifesting in your life)

          Advice on astrologically auspicious times for mantra sadhana and yogic health practices (along with recorded samples of the mantras and practical guidelines on practices advised for the current Jyotish climate)


Updates and lectures will be sent to your email inbox as soon as they’re released.

They will also be immediately added to your Student Area on the Vidya Institute website (if you aren’t already a member, you will be directed to create an account during the enrollment process). Inside the Vidya Institute Student Area, you will be able to listen to the lectures or download the .mp3 files onto your phone or computer so you can listen to them without an internet connection.

You may be aware that Gitte offers personal Jyotish consulations in which she examines your birth horoscope (jataka) in greater detail, to help make these astrological teachings further tailored to your own soul’s journey.

If you are interested in booking individual Jyotish sessions with Gitte, as a subscriber to this program you will also automatically receive $20 off of the Standard Consultation Fee – we’d appreciate your patience, as there is often long stretches of time when Gitte cannot take on any appointments and the limited spots can sometimes end up fully booked quickly.



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48USD/month                   Or 10% OFF with an annual subscription: 44USD/month

Early bird offer expires on July 30th, 2020


After Early Bird Ends:

Monthly tuition for this program is 68USD.

Enrollment closes on August 30th, 2020 and will remain so for at least a couple of months.

68USD/month                   Or 20% OFF with an annual subscription: 55USD/month


PLEASE NOTE: Once you’ve enrolled for this subscription program, you’ve secured your monthly tuition permanently. When the subscription tuition increases as we expand this subscription program in the future, your monthly tuition will remain the same as when you initially enrolled – you WILL NOT be asked to pay the new tuition fee. That also goes for those who sign up for the early bird discount; this will be your permanent tuition for this subscription program.

Those who cancel will not be able to resume their old tuition cost and will have the same tuition as new subscribers; however, they will still be able to access any past lectures, which they received before cancelation, by logging into their student area.

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