Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu Maatri Rupena samsthita

Namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai namo namah”

“I bow to the Supreme Goddess who abides in all beings in the form of the Mother,

to that Great Mother I bow down, I bow down, I bow down”

–  Chandi Path                                                             


The Devi Mantras discovered within Chandi Path carry many dimensions and hidden gems. Yet all of these often hidden elements are essential in order to:

  • Develop a masterful understanding of their unique meanings

  • Uncover the practical applications relevant to the practitioner

  • To unfold the underlying blessings of these ancient mantras  


With Sri Krishan Mantriji’s blessings, initiation, and guidance we have immersed ourselves in Devi Mantra Sadhana over many of the past years.

This Inner Tradition of the Goddess is considered deeply sacred and highly esoteric. 

It’s a practice of Spiritual Awakening.

A path to connect with the Divine – which is called Sadhana. 

The fact this process is intensely practical is oftentimes little-known. 

Fundamentally, your daily Sadhana is meant to integrate higher metaphysical ideals with down-to-earth principles, which help you to live a sanctified and spiritual life. 

This element of higher consciousness held within the mantra is called Shakti in Sanskrit. 

A dynamic and high vibration energy which unfolds in our lives and ourselves as we practice the mantras. 

The particular energy or blessing manifested depends upon the Deity or Devata behind the mantra we recite. The devata can be Durga Devi, Saraswati or Laksmi or even Lord Shiva.

In the individual mantras of the Chandi Path – the Devata, be it Durga, Saraswati or Laksmi –  are considered as the presiding deity of the mantra, a very particular aspect and form of the divine. 

As Shankaracharya tells us: 

“It is the wisdom that comes from a higher source and is like a single beam of sunlight, one beam that is singled out and given a name so that the disciple can develop a personal relationship and worship an aspect of the Divine that he or she can understand.”

We are taught that when the mantras are chanted with dedication and devotion, they become a fine transformative thread which joins the practitioner (sadhaka) with the Mantra, the deity, and our Guru, as well as to all those saints who have recited the mantra over many centuries past.

Mantras passed on from Guru to Seeker. 

Mantras recited over so many generations. 

Mantras which connect us with this fine sacred thread. 

In the years that Sri Krishan Mantriji asked me to guide Devi mantras from Chandi Path, we have followed the traditional ‘call and response’ method of learning the mantra. 

This happens to be the Method with which Mantriji taught me mantras the vast majority of the time. 

And yet sometimes Mantriji would also recite the same mantra in its wholeness while I sat and listened. 

As I absorbed Sri Krishan Mantriji’s masterful recitation of the mantra, I would read over my own copy of Chandi Path and take notes to assist my own refinement, home study, and practice.

Over the years I have received many requests from students who practice Devi Mantras with me. 

They hoped I would offer recordings and videos of selected mantras from Chandi Path.

Unfortunately, every time I was asked I was unable to for a variety of reasons.

This year – almost fatefully as Jupiter was in Pisces, one of Mantriji’s favorite transits –  I finally got the opportunity to complete a series of videos teaching these mantras using many of the same methods Sri Krishan Mantriji used to teach me all those years ago.

My hope is that these recordings and videos can be of tremendous help to you, and an added resource to our “in class virtual teachings”.

The recitation of the mantras is faster than we typically recite together, and yet not so fast that you cannot follow without ease. 

You will need your own Chandi Path as the written guide which is also very helpful for note-taking.

Immediately once you register, you’ll find authentic guided video demonstrations of the following mantras in your student area and available for immediate download:

  • Deveta pranam
  • Atha sapta ślokī durgā
  • Atha kīlakam
  • Athārgalā stotram
  • Atha devyāḥ kavacam
  • Atha tantroktaṃ devī sūktam
  • Atha durgā dvātriṃśānnāma mālā 
  • The Closing Mantra 

Unlike most of our live workshops, you will be given lifetime access to these guided mantras and the Chandi Path video package as a whole, so you can use this digital guide to cultivate & refine your mantra sadhana for years to come. 

Please note that this guided Chandi Path Mantra package has prerequisite requirements, which means it is only available to those students enrolled in: 

  • An Immersion Into The Depths of The Vibhuti Pada Semester 3 




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