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Empirical Evaluations Of Yoga & The Vedic Sciences

Most of the following research projects were completed as part of Kathryn Curtis’s graduate work towards an MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology at York University. The last project, in progress, is part of her post-doctoral research at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network.


Vidya Institute’s Research Department has collaborated on a variety of research projects with researchers at York University as well as various hospital networks in Toronto, Canada.

These research projects have focused on evaluating specialized yoga interventions for individuals living with various types of pain and functional impairments in day-to-day life. The yoga interventions are based upon the wealth of knowledge found in the ancient vedas and yogic scriptures, as well as the oral traditions and spiritual lineages of Sri Krishan Mantri-ji and BKS Iyengar. Although the multi-faceted benefits of yoga are well-documented in a variety of ancient scriptures and modern yoga texts, it is imperative to also investigate these practices using rigorous scientific approaches, in order to establish a knowledge base that is recognized in western health care systems.

Our research department is dedicated to creating yogic interventions that bring the gems of yoga to life and make these life-affirming boons accessible to vulnerable individuals with health impacts, in a research context.                           

 The Goals of our Research Department:

  • Create and manualize specialized yoga programs using traditional yogic practices.
  • Evaluate these interventions according to contemporary scientific paradigms.
  • Contribute to the yoga research literature and advance knowledge.
  • Bring yoga to hospital and rehabilitative settings as part of evidence-based care.
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