The Mantras Of The Chandi Pathah

Mantra Package for Home Practice (downloadable)
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The mantras of the DeviMahatmya – also called Chaṇḍī Pāṭhaḥ – hold hidden gems, all essential for an understanding of their unique symbolic meaning, practical application and underlying blessing in our lives.


With Sri Krishan Mantriji’s blessing and guidance we have immersed ourselves in the recitation of Devi Mantra Sadhana including its many aspects of cultivation, vicara (interpretation) and refinement.


This Inner Tradition of the Goddess is considered deeply sacred and highly esoteric within the Indian Tradition. 

Essentially mantra recitation is a practice of spiritual awakening, and a path of connecting with the Sacred within. Sadhana is meant to integrate the very high metaphysical ideals and philosophies with down to earth principles helping us to live a sanctified and spiritual life.

The higher consciousness held within the mantra is called shakti in Sanskrit. This energy is a dynamic and high vibration energy which unfolds in our heart and mind as we practice the mantras with devotion.


Inside this series, demonstrated and fully available for download are the following mantras in their proper presented form:  

  • Deveta pranam
  • Atha sapta ślokī durgā
  • Atha kīlakam
  • Athārgalā stotram
  • Atha devyāḥ kavacam
  • Atha tantroktaṃ devī sūktam
  • Atha durgā dvātriṃśānnāma mālā 
  • Closing Mantra


Please Note The Following Mandatory Prerequisite Studies For Enrollment: 

  • An Immersion Into The Depths Of The Vibhuti Pada 


  • 04/2023 Navaratri Festival workshop


  • Subscription to Vedic Astrology & The Dharma of The Soul


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