Co-Founded Vidya Institute

September 4, 2002

Toronto, Canada

About Gillian McCann PhD

Gillian McCann has taught in a wide variety of academic settings on world religions, women in religion, health, spirituality, and the intersection of East & West. Alongside her work in academia she partnered with Gitte Bechsgaard at Vidya Institute on various scholarly and educational projects. Together they continue to write monthly for Psychology Today on yoga, spirituality and related themes. In partnership with Nipissing University they have organized annual conferences in Health, Healing and Religion, centered on themes related to the cultivation of religious tolerance, health and spirituality.


Gillian McCann is an associate professor in the Religions and Cultures Department at Nipissing University in North Bay, Canada. She holds a doctorate in Religious studies in the area of South East Asian religious traditions. Together with Gitte Bechsgaard, Gillian authors The Return To Stillness blog at Psychology Today.

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