[Dharma Talks] Maintaining The Soul’s Journey In Crisis: Understanding The COVID-19 Pandemic And How Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras & The Jyotish Of The Sky Can Reveal The Path

Teacher: Senior Iyengar yoga teacher and Vedic astrologer Gitte Bechsgaard (PhD)

Course Release Date: April 2, 2020

A Note From Gitte

Tantra is dedicated to the Feminine Divine and aims to nourish in us a sense of the Sacred in all things. It comprises a sādhanā of Mantra, Ritual practice (Pūjā) and Meditative contemplation. The orientation and practice is meant to integrate metaphysical and esoteric ideas with down-to-earth principles that help us live a spiritual life. In this approach to philosophy we seek to ground and anchor the spiritual and sacred quest in embodied practice and in daily life.

Inside this course I will share wisdom teachings on Mantra sādhanā, Pūjā, and the Feminine Divine. This includes lectures on the Goddesses of Saraswatī, Laksmī and Durgā. The lecture series is complemented by call and response mantras to the Goddesses as well as other traditional Tantric chants.

I am delighted to share this course directly from India where the path devoted to the Feminine Divine has its roots. As Mantra sādhanā has been an essential part of my own personal path for many years I hope that you will enjoy some of these gems in your daily life.





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Participants will receive 17 Dharma Talks on Wisdom teachings of Yoga Philosophy and Vedic astrology with a special focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and dharma
Participants receive access to all course materials at once

Course curriculum

[Dharma Talks] Maintaining The Soul’s Journey In Crisis: Understanding The COVID-19 Pandemic And How Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras & The Jyotish Of The Sky Can Reveal The Path

Lectures In This Course:

  1. Introduction to Jyotish and Dharma Talks
  2. Major Astrological Shifts in March, 2020
  3. COVID-19: The Role of Shadow Planets (Rahu & Ketu) in the Crisis We Are Facing
  4. Mula Nakshatra (the Star Constellation of “Roots” and “Rootedness”: Staying Grounded
  5. A Blazing Transit of Mars-Saturn: the Yama Yoga of Vedic Astrology (March 22-May 4)
  6. Dharma Talk: Tapas and the Threefold Yaugika Discipline
  7. Ardra Nakshatra (Śiva’s Nakshatra): The Radical Storms of Transformation
  8. Dharma Talk: Śiva and Protective Mantra Sādhanā: The “Mahā Mṛtyuñjaya Mantra”
  9. Saturn’s Transit in Uttarāshada’s Nakshatra: The Nakshatra of Ganesh and the 10 Viśva-Devas. (January 24, 2020- December, 2020)
  10. Saturn’s Transit in the Constellation of Capricorn: A Strict Teacher
  11. Dharma Talk: The Viśva Devas: Taking the 10 Virtues for Support
  12. Dharma Talk: The Quest for Virtues in Yoga
  13. Dharma Talk: Following the Lead of the 10 Viśva-Devas
  14. Dharma Talk: Prayers for All Beings and Seeking Protection From the Three Sources of Suffering (Duhkha)
  15. Inviting the Protective Graces of Jupiter and Venus: Sattvification in Life and Practice
  16. Dharma Talk: The Role of Sattvic Invocations in Morning Sādhanā: Three Traditional Categories of Prayer (Guru prayers * Patañjali invocation* Gayatri mantra adevata Mantra)
  17. harma Talk: “Atha Yoga-Anuśāsanam”: Seeking Inner Anchoring and Mindfulness

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[Dharma Talks] Maintaining The Soul’s Journey In Crisis: Understanding The COVID-19 Pandemic And How Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras & The Jyotish Of The Sky Can Reveal The Path

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