The Yoga Sadhana Of The Sanskrit Tradition

May 12-20, 2024
La Quercia Calante, Orvieto, Italy
An Embodied Integration of Mantra, Sanskrit, & Iyengar Yoga Practice Scripture Teachings & Guided Mantra Sadhana With Gitte Bechsgaard Ph.D. Guided Iyengar Yoga & Pranayama Sadhana With Sheila Haswell CIYT

Curriculum Details


“The union of the mind with pure sound is the most subtle and royal practice of Yoga”

— Hatha Yoga Pradeepeka, lV:76


Meticulously designed with both Iyengar yoga teachers and students in mind, this retreat offers a transformative journey into the sacred art and disciplines of Sanskrit, mantra sadhana, and Iyengar Yoga practice. 


Hosted at the La Quercia Calante Holiday Farm, it’s an idyllic place to deepen your sadhana and the perfect location to immerse yourself in the local Italian experience.


During this 8 day getaway in the Umbrian countryside, we’ll participate in an in depth exploration into profound teachings and practices that will enable you to write, chant, and pronounce the Sanskrit  alphabet with renewed confidence. 


Most fundamentally, this provides you with the essential foundation required to advance in the art and discipline of sacred sound.


Throughout this retreat, we will focus on the precise pronunciation and writing of the 50 Sanskrit letters, delving into their individual resonance within the seven chakras of the subtle energy body. 


Together, we will examine how the vibrations of Sanskrit sound serve as a powerful healing tool in daily mantra sadhana.


Sanskrit, known as the “Mother of all languages,” is said to reside at the very source of consciousness. 


In the Hatha Yoga Pradeepika, the union of your mind with the pure sound of Sanskrit is considered the most subtle and royal practice of yoga. 


By chanting and pronouncing its alphabet with disciplined precision and energetic attunement to the chakras, the restless mind returns to a silent and vibrant state.


This retreat will provide a unique opportunity to uncover the jewels of mantra sadhana when well-integrated with the study and practice of Sanskrit sound.


For 5 to 6 Hours Of Lectures & Guided Practice Each Day, You’ll Immerse Yourself In The Deepest Of Teachings On Scripture & Receive Initiated Guidance On The Classical Maps Of Practice:


  • Sanskrit for  Yogis: Explore the precision in sound and the chakra system of yoga, developing a deep understanding of their energetic interconnectedness.


  • Japa mantra & Pranayama To Unlock Your Soul: How To Attain Inner Quietude Through Japa .  


  •  Mantra Sadhana & Devi Mahatmyam (Chandi Path): Delve into the ancient wisdom of mantra sadhana and its profound connection to the Feminine Divine.


  • The Path To Awaken Your True Nature: Through A Daily Practice of Shavasana.


  • Initiation into Japa Mantras Dedicated To The Goddess Lakshmi: Experience the transformative power of japa mantras as you connect with the divine abundance and grace of Goddess Lakshmi.


Masterfully Guided Iyengar Yoga Sadhana: Engage in daily asana and pranayama practices inspired by the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, carefully cultivated to enable an integration of body, mind, and spirit which aligns with ancient maps of meditation.


Immerse yourself in daily sadhana as you live, learn, and practice at the La Quercia Calante eco-retreat-center, housed in an elegant 14th century Umbrian farmhouse, ecologically transformed with modern architecture, a sustainable groundwater supply, and fully powered with solar energy.


Spend your free time relaxing in the garden, by the pool, or in one of the many spas of the surrounding towns. 


Or simply wander the cobblestone streets, worn smooth by the passage of centuries of souls, the air infused with the intoxicating scent of simmering sauces and the finest truffles found anywhere in the world.


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