Our new complimentary program is titled “Subtle Anatomy and Yoga Home Study: Exploring Energetic Structures of the Mind-Body-Spirit Trinity”. In this program, you will have access to a series of compact and digestible lectures via prerecorded audio files, that will provide you with a chance to deepen and expand your understanding of the topics of each live online workshop in the Subtle Anatomy Series.

This course is only available to participants who have already signed up for all seven workshops or who plan to take all seven workshops. It is not a requirement that you have already paid for all the workshops, but you must be enrolling in them all over the course of the year.

This program will be housed in the student area of the Vidya Institute website and the pre-recorded lectures will be released after the various workshops. As the lectures are pre-recorded, you will be able to review them at pace and schedule that is most convenient for you.

To have a sense of what is being offered, please see below for the titles of the lecture recordings for the first four workshops. In addition, home readings may be suggested for those who wish to dive deeper into traditional and contemporary literature relevant to the topics studied.

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