Professor since

September, 2010

Southern California University

About Bharathi Venkatachalapathy

Bharathi is an Ayurveda practitioner with 20+ years of clinical experience, in addition to her developing an Ayurveda mentorship program for Physicians and other health practitioners. She has presented at various integrative medicine platforms and has authored multiple publications. Her areas of expertise include pain management, skin disorders, digestive imbalances, post oncology integrative care, women’s health, stress management, preventive care, and Ayurvedic detoxification. Bharathi’s experience as a certified yoga instructor further assists her guidance of students in the integration of the sister sciences of yoga & ayurveda, during her teachings at Vidya Institute.


Bharathi Venkatachalapathy obtained her Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine from Bangalore University in India, teaching Ayurveda at Southern California University of Health Sciences for 10+ years. She is a Fellow in Integrative Medicine from the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and is even a visiting Ayurveda instructor at the Keck school of Medicine in California.

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