The Nakshatras Of the Jyotish Tradition – Cycles Of The Soul & Iyengar Yoga Sadhana

The Cycles Of Healing For Your Body, Mind, And Soul

The teachings here at Vidya Institute International are dedicated to the two Gurus who have shared so generously with us over the years Sri Krishan Mantriji and B.K.S Iyengar. Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to share these teachings with you.

June 11-18, 2023 | Orvieto, Umbria, Italy


Quercia Calante is referred to in Italian as a “Holiday Farm”. The concept describes a wonderful combination of an eco-focused, converted farm house and the beautiful landscape it’s surrounded by.

The rooms themselves are quite unique; the eco-focused building criteria leave the feeling that you’re staying in a colonial style farmhouse. Even the details that you can’t notice visually have a small-yet-distinct effect on the atmosphere. The electrical systems in the building are designed so the rooms and common spaces are Electromagnetic Field Free. The entire building is powered with solar panels, including the water heating system. Even the paint & mortar used throughout the buildings is done naturally without solvents or other chemicals.

Room Options are as follows:

  • Queen Bed Room For 1 Course Participant
  • Double Room For 2 People
  • Family Room For 3-4 People

Rooms are equipped with A/C and the retreat center provides daily housekeeping. Wifi is available in the common areas.

During initial registration we will only have the one option for single course participants, as we’d like to give first priority on the very limited number of larger rooms to those bringing their families along and those who need the more economical option of sharing a room between them.

If you’d like the option to upgrade to a larger room, if available, please send us an email after you register and we will add you to a wait list. If the double and/or family rooms aren’t taken, we will open them up as an option for individuals attending the retreats.

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