The Nakshatras Of the Jyotish Tradition, Cycles Of The Soul & Iyengar Yoga Sadhana

The Cycles Of Healing For Your Body, Mind, And Soul

June 10-17, 2023 | Orvieto, Italy


I’m absolutely delighted to announce our very first retreat here at Vidya Institute International that will cover the Vedic Jyotish tradition & it’s practical applications to the dynamic nature of our lives and Iyengar Yoga sadhana.

During this retreat we will focus on the theme of cycles; taking a perennial approach to wisdom teachings is underestimated in its importance for the vitality of the mind, body, and soul. These cycles can benefit both the traditions of Jyotish & Iyengar Yoga in their preventative healing and self-transformational natures.

Gloria & I are excited to share important pieces of what’s been so graciously shared with us over the years, during this retreat.

Best Wishes,

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