BKS Iyengar’s Temple Of Yoga & India’s Traditional Celebrations

September 29 - October 8, 2024
BKS Iyengar Yoga Retreat Center Of Bellur, India
An 8 Day Intensive & Retreat Celebrating The Sacred Festivals Of The Yogic Tradition  


Vidya Institute Is Delighted To Present

BKS Iyengar’s Temple of Yoga & India’s Traditional Celebrations 

An 8 Day Intensive & Retreat Celebrating The Sacred Festivals Of The Yogic Tradition 

With Gloria Goldberg CIYT Lvl. 4 and Gitte Bechsgaard Ph.D. CIYT Lvl. 3 

The BKS Iyengar Yoga Retreat Center in Bellur, India

Sunday, September 29th – Tuesday, October 8th, 2024



“Without a body, it is impossible to see God. The body has to undergo some training in order to be an effectual help to reach the highest goal: Atma Darshana (Self-realization). For that you need a sound and strong body.”

– B.K.S. Iyengar 


The spiritual pilgrimage to the Guru’s Abode is of fundamental importance in the yogic tradition. 


It’s a deeply personal journey. 


A commitment associated with a soul’s desire to grow positively.


The Sanskrit word for pilgrimage, Tirtha, holds connotations of such transformation.


A metamorphosis from one state of the body – mind to another higher, more refined state of spiritualization.


Traditionally known as Shariram Yatra – literally a pilgrimage of the body – the Yogi takes on this profound journey with a transformative intention. 


A practice said to bring many blessings of healing and rejuvenation.


Yogic methods to work with the body, mind, and spirit have varied tremendously over the centuries, yet pilgrimage to the Guru’s ashram or place of birth has long been understood as a vital key to spiritual transformation. 


From the perspective of the sages, your spirit (Atman) cannot be discovered without the right connections to the roots of the Guru and lineage. 


The realization of the divine lies within the Guru-Disciple, teacher-student lineage.


Consciousness & spiritual energy permeate all physicality. 


A temple, or the Guru’s Ashram, is a pristine sacred Abode.


A spiritual center created to enable, and to preserve, the stillness and sattva within. 


Such Abodes of energy and grace went neglected in B.K.S Iyengar’s place of birth, a town of ancient esteem fallen into many years of poverty. 


Century old temples crumbled in the streets. 


But with the new found resources gifted through BKS Iyengar’s early acclaim he undertook the restoration of his village.


A fundamental piece of this reinvigoration, the construction of a Yoga & Meditation Center unlike any other on this earth. 


An unparalleled temple to the yogic tradition & yoga practice alike.


The world’s largest fully equipped Iyengar yoga center. 


Just a stone’s throw away from the first temple found anywhere on this earth dedicated to the yogic sage Patanjali. 


BKS Iyengar’s spirit, the uncanny high energy of the space, somehow seems to effortlessly guide you deeper and deeper into your asanas. 


It’s truly extraordinary how the Guru’s grace seems to be “in the air”.


It’s as if Guruji himself is there adjusting you as he drives you into meditative depths rarely if ever before experienced. 


And yet this temple to the yogic tradition is the least of how BKS Iyengar paid homage to his place of birth. 


Bellur, a long decrepit village, was brought world-class water & sanitation. 


Elementary schools & highschools teach morning yoga before students engage in higher curricular studies.


Privileges Iyengar himself never did receive growing up.


As you wander the streets of the village of Bellur you’ll often witness the school kids. They are all well versed in the Iyengar yoga Method and traditional Sanskrit Guru prayers through their morning school practices. 


It is no longer the crumbling town that guruji grew up in. 


Thanks to persisting years of hard work and devotion, Bellur is a cultured and tranquil town with a future as promising as its once esteemed ancient past. 


During your 10 Days in India, you’ll join together with teachers & practitioners alike to uncover many of the deepest maps of Iyengar Yoga & Patanjali’s Pranayama practice.


Ancient practices of the sage Patanjali’s yoga. 


Perfectly timed to India’s most Sacred festival season, you’ll get an authentic opportunity to immerse yourself in the esoteric rituals and Sadhanas connected with the two most celebrated festivals of the Yoga tradition:


  • Pitru Paksha: The Festival In Dedication To Your Ancestors, Guru & Spiritual Lineage


  • Maha Navaratri: The Nine Night Festival In Celebration Of The Feminine Divine


There will be study of Traditional Yogic Texts and lectures relating to these traditional Festivals. 


Each day, you’ll learn and participate in the recitation of Sanskrit mantras and Yoga Sutras in integrative harmony with the practice of Iyengar Yoga Asana & pranayama. 


You will discover the art & discipline of Japa mantra and its synchronization with the breath. 


And all hosted in BKS Iyengar’s Yoga hall.


A true crown jewel of the Yogic tradition. 


Many sadhakas have experienced the incredible Iyengar intensives hosted in Pune and have wondered if Bellur is similar. 


It really is a completely distinctive experience to be in Bellur village. Like the river flows from its origin and takes on different forms along its path, so does it seem that the Bellur Centre forms a seed to later manifestations of Guruji’s lifework in Pune. Yet at some time, one must go to the root to find the most profound answers to one’s spiritual practice.


In Bellur you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 


And not only are you away from the hectic life of the outside world, you are foundationally supported through Iyengar’s carefully cultivated and authentic Yogic environment along with the most Sattvic Yogic food throughout the week.


Village life passes you by day-by-day and the serenity of the surrounding nature leaves you feeling at peace. 


Our faculty has had the privilege of countless trips to India over the decades and yet the energy of the B.K.S Iyengar Retreat Centre seems to promote a tranquility which we’d never experienced in the same way on past trips anywhere else in India. 


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